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New Section on website: Rappelz Guides
Apr 14, 10 1:31 AM
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Welcome to PandorasBox!

We are a non-PKing guild. Our goal is to have fun and build a family-like atmosphere.
Benefits from joining PandorasBox:
1. Gaining friends from all over the globe.
2.We do not require certain levels to join so you can be just starting out and get support from players that have been playing Rappelz for a long time.
3.Join in fun activities that are guild based and not supplied by the game Rappelz. For Example:
   Guild contest, Guild gatherings, Quest support, etc.
4.Guild Banking system that is not supplied in the game Rappelz. This is our own seperate toon that holds Ruppees, Items, Cards, etc for guild use.
5.Guild Forums for just about everything. Guildies post whatever they like.

We only have 5 main rules that must be followed.
1. No PK-ing (unless otherwise deemed necessary by guild officers)
2. Help each other out with quests,advice, gear, etc.
3. Be respectful to each other. (no profanity in chat)
4. Stay active in the game. Non-active members will be booted. (certain stipulations may apply, ask officers for details)
5. Above all else, HAVE FUN!!!!

Thank you for checking us out.
Guild Leader

New Section on website: Rappelz Guides

Spazz3179, Apr 14, 10 1:31 AM.

Coming Soon to PandorasBox
Pet Skill Tree Guide!
Work in progress.

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